Superfly Drums

A quick and quirky way to add definition and tonal variation to the vintage very good and stands up well next to far more expensive this price there's little to complain about

**** Sound On Sound

Inspired by the sounds of the late 60s / 70s funk scene, we crafted our homage to the world of funk....Superfly Drums.

To start, we sampled Richard's vintage Ludwig drum kit using a selection of classic microphones and tube preamps, to give a natural warm character to the sound. We kept this natural vibe, with very little processing other than a little light EQ'ing to bring out the character of the microphones. Then it was back to the lab, where we set about creating a set of fresh synth drum sounds to complement each element of the raw funky acoustic drum sample library.

Superfly Drums was born...a hybrid drum virtual instrument spanning both vintage, unprocessed, natural sounding acoustic drums and modern electronic kit sounds. Featuring an acoustic to electronic crossfader and volume and pan controls for each element of the kit, the main instrument is based around a redesigned keyboard layout putting the focus of the instrument on funky intricate hi-hat playability (although there are also general midi mapped versions of the instrument included too). This instrument is truly an ideas generator, a creative rabbit hole of funky wonderfulness!

* This library requires the full version of Kontakt (5.6.6 or higher)

Downloads: User Handbook